Leonardo door handle

The idea of designing a new door handle came in response to the needs encountered by the architect Fabrizio Bianchetti in the course of his design work for communities, expressing his awareness of issues of accessibility and Design for All Designer: Fabrizio Bianchetti

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Autogrill “Villoresi Est” motorway service area

Autogrill SPA is an international group operating in more than 30 countries around the world and in all kinds of mobility infrastructure: highways, airports and railway stations. After the previous positive experience of the service area of Mensa di Ravenna on E45 (Design for All Italia Start Quality Label 2010), Autogrill decided that the new service area Villoresi East must have all the characteristics of an exemplary structure, eco-friendly, energy saving and as an example for design interventions with high physical, perceptual and cultural accessibility. It must be DfA! Place/Country: A8 motorway, Italy Designer: Arch. Giulio Ceppi Photo credits: Federico Brunetti

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