Avaava – solutions for accessible construction

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Avaava – solutions for accessible construction

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Katariina saksilaisen katu 6 B TH4, 00560 Helsinki, Finland

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Terhi Tamminen terhi.tamminen@avaava.fi


Private company


Avaava provides accessibility solutions for designers, constructors, and all construction professionals. Avaava accumulates, shares, produces, and markets information and products for accessible construction. Avaava organises accessibility training, conducts site assesments and consults in all stages of construction projects. Avaava database and product range includes several different accessibility solutions from products to structural insight. Design is an essential part of Avaava solutions, combining specialist knowledge from many fields. The freshest ideas and the most versatile knowledge is brought about in the close co-operation between designers, architects, officials, disability and senior citizen organisations. Avaava specialists are trained accessibility reviewers. Avaava is the accessibility unit of the company called Karanttia Oy Perusturva. Avaava sits in the Design for All Europe EIDD Executive Board, and is a ProudAge Partner.