Design for All Italia

Organization Name

Design for All Italia

Logo & Acronym

Logo Design for All


Via Bramante 29, 20154 Milano, Italy

Contact Person

Pete Kercher, vice presidente


DfA Association


The purpose of the Association is to promote, broadcast and communicate the theory and practice of “Design for All” as an instrument for social and economical inclusion, in order to contribute to the general improvement of life conditions and of the Italian environment. Moreover, the Association has the aims of: collaborate with national and foreign institutes with similar interests and purposes or comparable organizations; support and participate in the programs of European Union, European Council and others national and international organization in favor of social inclusion; promote, communicate and broadcast the theory and practice of design; promote the adoption of political, social and economical policies and of the renovation of public administrations in order to facilitate social inclusion; take up studies and convey informations and examples about good practice of the relation between design and inclusion; organize conventions and meetings and press and promotion activities; arrange for the professional education and update and for expert advices, organizing initiatives of public interest for the members of the Association in the “Design for All” field; promote design solutions to meet the needs of real users; organize courses and seminars for professionals, students, vocational and non-vocational groups and for anyone interested in the social inclusion; organize national and international meetings for designers, users, professionals, associations, authorities and anyone interested, to facilitate the exchange of experiences and to improve the general standards; support and organize design contests and awards and divulge their results; organize exhibitions, publish and share informations about the Association activity.