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design for all

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Wilhemstrasse 26, 1120 Wien, Austria

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Veronika Egger MSc,


DfA Association


design for all in Austria is a not-for-profit membership organisation dedicated to promoting a Design for All approach in all aspects of design.
Members are professionals with a design for all focus in the fields of design, architecture, planning, facility management as well as companies with products and services in the building industry.

The broad base of knowledge represented within the association allows design for all to offer consultancy and evaluation services through its members for:

  • planning and building projects
  • product and interaction design
  • information design

As an association we develop and deliver demand-orientated training, we co-develop projects that promote Design for All and are partners in subject-related research activities.

Executive Board members work on a voluntary basis, the association does not receive any public subsidies.