Inclusive Society Development Centre

Organization Name

Inclusive Society Development Centre
Centar za razvoj inkluzivnog drustva

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ul.Zahumska 23A, 11120 Beograd, Serbia

Contact Person

Aleksandar Bogdanovic (


NGO – association of persons with disabilities and experts.


Our vision is a society of equal opportunities for all its members in which people with disabilities realize:

  • Right to Life
  • The right to be different
  • The right to self-determination and the definition of each person with a disability as a human being
  • The right of people with mental disabilities who are unable to represent themselves
  • The right to full participation and civil rights in our community
  • The right to economic, physical and psychological integrity
  • The right to dignity, tolerance and inclusion
  • The right to justice!

Vision of CRID people with disabilities who are educated in mainstream schools and employees are transformed from disadvantaged groups, which are treated as a burden to society, the working population, which economizing, generate revenue, thus providing themselves and their environment conditions for a dignified life.

To realize this vision CRID in projects and activities in order to:

  • About the right attitude to education and employment of persons with disabilities.
  • Support of institutions in policy to encourage education, employment and self-employment.
  • Adaptability of the environment for physical barriers faced by people with disabilities.