Gaia Conference 2024 – Design for All and the Future of the Planet

6-7 June 2024, Vila Nova de Gaia, Portugal
Climate change, artificial intelligence, natural and manmade emergencies, conflict, the ageing population…
The world is changing faster than ever before and decision-makers everywhere have to face a host of
unprecedented challenges in their struggle to keep the world habitable and in step with human needs and
The design professions are trained specifically to analyse and evaluate all sorts of variables when creating
their proposals.
Hosted in the town hall of Vila Nova de Gaia, the city on the south bank of the river Douro (opposite Porto),
this major international conference organised by EIDD – Design for All Europe on 6-7 June this year will
explore the state of the art, with keynote speeches from major figures of international stature, academic
papers from institutes of higher education and panel discussions between professional practitioners.
Location: Gaia Municipal Assembly Building, Rua do General Torres 1101

Watch this space for updates!

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