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Hedonomy – tableware

The idea came from my older ceramic work, when I was inspired to design for a sense of touch for the first time. We live in a hegemony of vision and I wanted to rearrange hierarchy of the senses . The human body was the starting point. I spend a lot of time observing people’s habits and how they interact with objects and living space. I came to the conclusion that most everyday things are designed mainly to fit the surface of the furniture and the house itself. It seems that people feel more pleasure from buying than from using products. Going against this trend, I wanted to create objects that are nice to use and suit our body.
I narrowed my work to tableware because eating is the perfect activity to emphasise the sense of touch and the pleasure aspect in my design.

Place/Country: Poland
Designer: Anna Najmajer
Client: Academy of Fine Arts in Gdańsk, Poland
Photo credits: Anna Najmajer

Leonardo door handle

The idea of designing a new door handle came in response to the needs encountered by the architect Fabrizio Bianchetti in the course of his design work for communities, expressing his awareness of issues of accessibility and Design for All

Designer: Fabrizio Bianchetti